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In the world of mobile applications, innovation is essential. Our portfolio of technology projects demonstrates our experience and dedication in a variety of industries and disciplines.

Fulfilled projects

Each project in this gallery is a testament to our commitment to excellence and creativity. From striking designs to innovative solutions, every page tells a success story.

Launch September – October 2023

InQidea App

Content on all market sectors, InQidea is the place where Collective Intelligence will serve as a guide for Self-Employed, SMEs and Entrepreneurs. In addition, you will be able to share with others the information necessary to resolve situations in the business, work, financial field and much more...


Acelerado por:

EOI - LOGO - Original

October 2023

Professional Network

Software for the Professional Development of your Company or Institution. Create your Custom Business Network. 

September 2023

Medicine Network

It is a network designed for specialists in different areas of medicine, nurses and health professionals.

Launch January 2024

Getcyn App

More than software, we are your strategic ally. We understand your needs and offer you efficient solutions, designed to give you a competitive advantage and save you time.

Our mission is to simplify and streamline the daily work of consultancies, providing intuitive and efficient tools.


Development projects

In this section, we invite you to an exclusive look at what's coming up on our creative horizon. Our projects in development are innovation laboratories, where we bring bold ideas and promising futures to life. Each project is a commitment to progress and an opportunity to make a difference.

Mockup NocTuiz - Web + App

April 2023 – In progress

NocTuiz App

An application designed to take care of the mental health of children and adolescents, providing permanent advice to parents, through AI.

Development in progress

Expomercado Marketplace

It is a B2B trading platform from LATAM and Spain to the rest of the world. The great center of information and negotiation of products.

Development in progress

Forest and Wood School

Fincas rodeadas de bosques naturales y del Parque Nacional Guanacaste. Mucha biodiversidad disponible para una inversión en la naturaleza de alto valor.

Versión Beta

February 2023 – In progress

Oriónl. El Perro Rabioso

Serie de televisión que incorpora personajes creados por IA desarrollados por INQIDEA, así como todo un sistema de contenidos que forman parte de las tramas.

Lanzamiento 2024

La Hija de Lázaro

Galardonada 6 veces por La Feria Internacional de Cine Icaro. Una Película en Co-producción con España. Largometraje cinematográfico costarricense.

We have participated in:


Launch December 2023


Discover a team committed to your mental well-being. Their experience and dedication set them apart, providing a safe and trustworthy space for your personal growth.

Launch September 2022


It is the only app on the market that allows you to make budgets while collecting data from the site visit from your mobile phone, without having to go to the office. It is connected to a laser meter for data collection.


Launch October 2022

Tres Monstruos

Involved in different formats of audiovisual production; documentaries, musicals, feature films, series and shorts. En la actualidad están muy ligados a IA y la tecnología de vanguardia.



Luz Fraterna 26

Organization where the ancient principles of the universal Masonic Fraternity are shared, as well as an initiatory Tradition that explains the extraordinary vitality that Freemasonry still preserves today. Offers exclusive member content, informational blog and more.

Developing Technological Projects that transform, innovating at every step and creating a Bright Future. Our commitment to excellence has led us to be part of significant achievements in various areas.

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