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At InQidea, we provide digital solutions, IT services, and consultancy in the
Technological Development of Entrepreneurs, SMEs, and Freelancers.

Social Network for SMEs and Self-Employed


Have you ever felt overwhelmed searching for scattered information all over the web? Look no further! At InQidea, you'll have access to an exclusive meeting place for professionals, where Collective Intelligence takes center stage.

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About InQidea.

We are a company dedicated and focused on the development of digital resources, aimed at promoting technologies that are useful for today's society.

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Specialized Services

Strategic Advisory

We design strategies for companies and freelancers. We implement new organizational systems, sales, and re-branding.

Technology Consulting

Professional service that assists companies in assessing and utilizing technology efficiently to enhance their performance and competitiveness.

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Own Developments

At InQidea Digital Solutions, we have the means and investment partners who believe in technological creation from the creative side. We are highly focused on launching simple and highly usable tools in very specific market niches.

We are in the midst of developing useful, functional and purposeful applications for human beings.

A meeting space for freelancers and small businesses, where collective intelligence takes center stage to provide opinions, concepts, and knowledge in various professional fields. Additionally, we will explore the journeys of many, with stumbles, mistakes, and successes, making it the perfect opportunity to understand, correct, and prepare for the next step.

    • Available for Web, iOS, and Android.
    • Focused on collective intelligence.
    • Unique and original content.
    • Free of charge.

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    We are a company dedicated and focused on the development of purpose-driven digital resources for humanity.


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